MTZ 4522 V2.2

The MTZ Belarus tractor is of high power – 4522 with an engine capacity of 450 hp. The price is 240 000 (per day 250). The tank is 650 liters. The tractor opens the hatch, doors, side and rear windows. There is a speedometer, a purchased spark. Leaves traces and dust from the wheels. Working lights and mirrors. Washes. Clean log.

Changes in version 2.2:
Fixed the front hitch (podtseplyaet more adequately than it was). An earring appeared on the rear hitch, which disappears when the hinged hook is attached.

Changes in version 2.1:
Changed the choice of wheels (single, double) (because with thin double the front hung in the air, and the rear under the ground, plus there were no rear hubs on the thin ones, ie the wheels themselves as if not connected to the tractor). Bugs fixed, the log is clean. Fixed driver (does not fall into the seat). The hitch and the forward rotary cylinders are animated. Mirrors are installed. Fixed a little light. The fan is installed. When starting the engine produces a cloud of smoke. Fixed Attachment.

MTL Modding Team, Mr.Cool13, Romario_Agro


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