MTZ 80 AND MTZ 82 PAK V 1.1

Power 80, 82. Max. speed – 36. Price: 80 – 15500 (on day 50); 82 – 16500 (on day 58).
The words of the author (cer5840): with the purchase: for tractors – the choice of 6 standard colors for the wheel – standard – narrow range of color discs – 8 colors, the installation of fasteners for front loader, there is a choice of labels and mudguards.
Present all the “bells and whistles” FS17: tahospidometr and fuel gauge, 3 mirrors,
tire deformation under load, clean, good physics.
Maude “caught” in the Internet, a little altered slightly podshamanil like bad happened.

GIANTS, Alali, Nedi


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