Multi Overlay Hud v 1.48



Quick Overview:
Animals (Switch Ready) * 3
Warehouse (switch ready)
Best prices (Switch Ready) * 2
Greenhouses + Mod greenhouses (Switch Ready) * 6
Stock / Total Cost (complex) (Switch Ready)
Simple Field Data
UPK trees * 6
Placeable objects (switch) * 5
BGA s (switch) optional Combi Slot * 8
Silage silos (switch) optional Combi Slot * 8
Vehicle Inspector !! BETA TEST !! * 10

optional artDesigns (needs ArtDesign Addon 1.3 or later) <---- IMPORTANT ZoomIn / Out function (optimally at many stations) Switchable warning function for the miniPDA optional miniPDA Icon ZoomIn / Out + set new position optional miniPDA Horizontal / Vertical autodisplay correction 5/4 and 4/3 resolutions * 9 Slot window can optionally be relocated On / off display of fruits Inactiven Display of up to 56 stations Display of up to 128 fruit varieties switchable Info great demand * 7 updateInterval optional adjustable (default all 1,875 minutes) Configurations XML file (Stay away if you do not know what you're doing) Fruit change of name on the XML file * 1 Fruit name change for this mod or for the entire game * 1 Station name change on the XML file * 1 Station name change for this mod and the LS Mini Card * 1 Optional selectable 2-3 Mouse buttons Key switch function * 4 Mouse control for multi overlay Hud Factory Scripts of Marhu are supported * 5 WoolPalettCollector / Water / AutoMilkStop Mod Support optional silage silos provided with its own name. * 8th Free Keyboard Layout Single / Multiplayer Support: YES DetiServer functions: NO (must shine only by the presence of) A big thanks also to RubberDuck2, JoPim who have tested the new version extensively for errors. preview next version: here v1.x "Quick Start Guide": (Thanks to JoPim it) v1.45 ready: see ChangeLog !! v1.45 bug list: here Configuration: (standard keyboard / mouse settings) Open F11 / closing the multi overlay menus F12 Mouse Cursor On / Off <--- New from 1:45 ---- Only active when multi overlay is open ---- Num Enter switch function for Page, if available Num - + ZoomIn / Out (optional) when awarded Mouse left / right / up / down control (please see Quick Start Guide) ---- Only active when multi overlay closed and miniPDA On is ---- Num Enter switch function for slot, if present Slot 1 to slot x if awarded and mouse keyswitch is Off ---- Only active when multi overlay closed and miniPDA / Keyswitch On is ---- Num Enter switch function for slot, if present Select Keyswitch Right next slot on the right Keyswitch left Select the next slot on the left Open Keyswitch open / close / a Slots Hinweisse: The updateInterval was quoted by me on purpose so high. This saves resources. The ads of stocks will not be affected. Animals are being updated by giant generally only after few minutes, accordingly, it may therefore be an overlap. And stay away from the XML file when you do not know what you doing, Otherwise, the mod may not work properly under certain circumstances. Those who wonder why the pictures of fruit in sales that can not be so in sales. The need to look at times this mod (TriggerExtend). Note: A corresponding feedback from you, me and the new or further development of this mod would come very good. Suggestions, criticism, etc. are therefore desirable. And the buttons are below not only graced! A click does anyone hurt. After all, you rewarded the work of modders, whether positive or negative. Think about it and Thanks in advance to all other. Site wish: Zoom, Design, miniPDA, display, configuration, handling, etc. ChangeLog v1.45: !! BETA STATUS !! Read carefully before text VehicleInspector fix manually switchable high demand in MP fix wool percentage display fix WoolPalettColector display Fix dealer Preview Switch Function Silage silos can get their own name. * 8th Vehicle Inspector added (READ) Vehicle onEnter switch added (READ) Note: Because keyboards are a scarce commodity in LS, the MouseKey Switch function was optional added that you can use. Red marked station name or fruit, white indicates a fault. In the map or in the Moddesc.xml.Wer with the font color is not satisfied, which can be in the moLoadTable.lua customize it. These are divided into "red green blue intensity" (at own risk).   * 1) in the XML file of the mod are two new entries (see photos). These I think are self-explanatory (limited to a maximum of 30 per) .The ID numbers must be numbered consecutively in accordance with the respective group. Starting at 0, the first value should remain standing and serves you only as a template. Thus the fruit name be changed not only for this mod but also on the game, you must set to true the Boolischenwert. All mods etc. bring their client data from these values ​​online, should accordingly also of you newly set fruit names displays. If you have any problems with overlapping fruit names and Silobeständen, did you possibly should extend slightly your longest available fruit names. Because the calculation be made on this. Many stations and long station names you could adjust them accordingly (picture) so that the display does not go out even when the smallest push from the Bildschirmbreich. How to determine fruit name / station name I commend my TriggerExtend Mod. * 2) Since the giant character has to use liters and tonnes. For whatever reason. There may be minor differences in the display by the conversion * 3) It is between the mast and breeding pigs in Mod (Marhu) unterschieden.Woolpal.Collector is also displayed if vorhanden.Es is also a clue if you will habt.WaterMod stopped the automatic milk sales also displayed when available. * 4) You can only operate the keys 2-3 miniPDA The MouseKey Switch function. 1xTaste scroll right, scroll 1xTaste left, 1x button to open / close. Right / Left is optional, it would also have a rich * 5) Marhu sawmill, mixing station, SeedMaster, beetMaster, composting, beet cutters, potato washer, PigForageMaster, potato damper and general mods the factory scripts of Marhu benutzen.Namen when installed mods to the factory script can be assigned on a user attribute, Otherwise, it is then only Fabrik_1 Fabrik_2 etc. See image * 6) Apfelmod, ROS fruit and berries Mod, ROS fruit and berry Mod 2, Mod vegetables ROS, ROS Vegetables Mod 2, ROS processing and sale Mod, 6 Marhu greenhouses * 7) In the multiOverlaySettings.xml you can under these more active if you do set to true (no effect on MP) for Server operators who want to use it trozdem the mod must be amended accordingly and the revised version will be all players then geben.Geändert it in the moLoadTables.lua, there you seek "loadDemandPage2Disable" and changes the false to true. * 8) There are also the mods BGA Extension and silage / silo Extension Supported and additional data is displayed accordingly. If you have more like 4 BGAs can be switchen.Wenn more like 7 silage silos has can switchen.Wen you want you can also BGA and silage Slot kombinieren.Es then only max 4 Bgas and max 7 silage silos are displayed. See image Optional you can enter silage silos own name. See Image * 9) 5/4 and 4/3 resolutions can be improved through the XML to overlap to verhindern.Standart moderate the Mod tries to improve itself. If you want to do it yourself must make to false and can then enter a value in itself. * 10) The VehicleInspector has beta status. Detailed settings can first carried out on the Lua werden.In the XML file you can only the VI On / Off set, the design and hideSwitch. -See Extra text VehicleInspector Hinweiss- Bugliste: Check Fix Can not Reproduce Preview Next version: VehicleInspector clue: Sorry first I you as a beta tester muss.Wer abuse not much should not load or set the VehicleInspector in the XML on the false version. But just so I can evaluate many feedbacks accordingly, eliminate additional requests of you, consider and error. A separate configuration menu there is nicht.Einfach the reason because otherwise I have too much work for major changes. In the final then you get a corresponding configuration menu that is tailored to your desires. Currently you can set using the XML file, only the following things. The VehicleInspector Enable / Disable the Select Design (plain text or icons and text) and the hideSwitch (0 = is active, 1 = is active only when the left Help window is active, 2 = is only active when the left Help window Inactive is) All other settings that you may consider it appropriate, you can currently change only on the moSetGetGui.lua. In addition I have you there deposited entspechende short hinweisse. Open Notepad and then line 90-117 watch (at your own risk) As an important feature you can additionally make the F12 Mouse Cursor On / Off. So you have, for example, the possibility of directly in a vehicle which you jump the VehicleInspector DISPLAYING. (MPower compatible) .Press you have to only entspechende vehicle (front section) click. See Image I thank everyone in advance at the Beta Test participate and give their feedback. Credits:


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