My BIG Country Map V 1.0 Chopped Straw

my-big-country2015 (1)

my-big-country2015 (2)

my-big-country2015 (3)


And as a little gimmick to me track the train from the sawmill to the freight yard after you pull the lever.
WolPaletteCollector installedMarhu
Integrated ChoppedStraw v15.03
Visible animals was reduced to 6Tiere per pasture / because the cows and chickens on the farm
Rape texture of Eribus was mistaken with grass stubble! Permission has been granted!
BGA AbladeEinzugsschnecken: sunk into the ground to fill a trailer ..
or as usual with the wheel loader + more fruit. TagFunky



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2 Responses

  1. PUSKI says:

    Nice map. where to sale bales?

  2. Funky says:

    Nur Original DL Link!!

    Sofort Löschen! @CopyRight Verletzung!
    Anwalt droht!

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