My BIG Country Map V 1.11

my-big-country2015 (1)

my-big-country2015 (2)


# 1 v1.1 Modifications and Bug freight station: changed Abladetrigger PDA filling display (food storage) now available for Straw / Grass / compound feed Some fields have to be plowed only before the first use! (But are Mähbar before purchase) Neuenfeld sale signs stable door: Trigger was made smaller / gates open view no longer so early straw unload now changed consumption in the aisle of the barn beets Schneider Sawmill: Unloading (trigger) Optimized: No unloading with wheel loaders necessary (TIMBER RUNNER ) as the trigger is set higher. Mapsiloband was taken out in (food storage) .. need to take the newer of Marhu! Since it can load all types of fruit. Installed Mapsiloband for manure of cows and pigs. Tree edge now also available roads were repaired (small slits, etc.) removed Pending trees. All trees were Exchanged (texture error) trees now eliminated with darker texture Some bumps or in the fields. and much more.



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