Welcome to all LS fans!
I would like to provide some guidence for my card.
It is based on my imagination, but points to the Hungarian agricultural environment.
The map has a central courtyard, 3 villages, BGA, wood cutting yard, garden center, compost yard, lots of outlets, and includes pigs and beefs too.
You can also plant and harvest the sunflower.
Functional mods on the map: multi terrain, mod of water, chopped straw, mod GMK, AnimationMapTrigger.
The attached .PDF file gives you more detailed information with images too.

A big thanks for the modders:
AnimationMapTrigger: Xentro
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
WaterMod, Misch Station, Schweine Mast, WoolPaletteCollect, AllInOneSilo: Marhu
GuelleMistMod: TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan) RC-Devil
AdditionalFruitTypes: JakobT + upsidedown + Eribus
Manual barrier, animated clock: Blacky BPG
Kompost + 4 Dünger Mod: RC-Devil
CompostMaster: Farmer_Andy
Textures: Eribus, El Cid, Zefir
Multiple Terrain: Petorious
Thanks also: Koffy87, Barnee, Rush, Balu, és gamerhzs-nak.
Thank you for your answer and your tests: mj111, Charge, LS JiraCz and my friend Tom.
Thanks to Killercrock88 for this great video!
Last but not least, thanks for the “amazing” tips, translation and helpful tips: n0tr3adY

Csamassa LS 2013, converted: Csontos-Team


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