I try as best it goes my old homeland after build not one hundred percent exactly but as good as it goes
I have taken the height model and the field sizes of google earth like me quite good fields are nice big
The fields are so real it goes back and thus not 100% helperfreundlich
To the original fruits still rye and oats were added
Automatic milk sale is turned off
There is no hofsilo since it is usual there the grain in the hall to tipping
So you can see which lot your heaps have now the heappreview mod of HappyLooser
In the map installed again many thanks for it
You can see the amount in the top left of the display when you are standing in front of the pile
If you have the heappreview mod already in your mod folder and it comes to some errors
You may have to take it from the mod folder
Recommendation courseplay so you have a helper with the fields clear
Important mod for the milk sale
If their courseplay used best always at least twice pretexts then should the helper
In no field problems have
Water is free
Milk triggers to load and sell themselves
A saw with factory script
Sojamilch production with fabrik script
Fertilizer and seed can be produced on farm 2
Compost production
Seed and fertilizer on courtyard 1 and courtyard 2 in the hall
It is further improved on the map built and expanded

skeleton/fqC30/Niggels Modding/LS-Modcompany


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