New Equipment in FS 2017


New Equipment in Farming Simulator 17

If you have been thinking of tilling the earth to plant and reap delicious fruit, grooming cows and other animals to enjoy sweet and well nourishing milk and others then you should think of this game. It’s coming with all features of full scale mechanized farming to make farming not only easy but also much more profitable. There are lots of new equipment, new farming simulator 2017 mods, new vehicle brands to make farming activity super easy for virtual farmers.

Take Advantage Of Above 250 New Vehicles and Tools

There are lots of tools and new equipment which made the game better and more interesting than the formal version. Players will stand chance of selecting from more than 250 newly added farming vehicles and tools. The vehicles are from different heavy duty auto manufactures. There are more tractors, bulldozers and other heavy duty trucks that will make work easier and much more simplified.

Enjoy Easy Transportation in Your Farm with More Than 75 Licensed Brands

There are lots of licensed brands coming among the new equipment. Some of the popular licensed brands in this game include: Valtra, Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Fendt and lots more. There are also added seed sowing machines, woodcutting machines, sprayers and others. You as a player will be the one to operate the machine to get the result you want in your game

The Mowing and Harvesting Farming Equipments

Apart from the assorted vehicles for transportation of farm produce, sowing machines there are still other cutting edge farming tools. Players can make use of grass mowing, harvester, sprayer and other farming equipments coming with the farming simulator 17. Just get ready to enjoy real farming together with the challenges through the upcoming game.

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