This V3.5 map is based on V3 by other people earlier, I took this map used 2 full days to rebuild it totally, now this map fully different from V3 by steps below, changes and replace and added from V3 are:
1. Add a giant building with 4 floors below the ground ( basement B1 – B2 – B3 – B4 ) B1 floor have a silo of grain took a part of space, a Gas tank at door way cap 10,000 L of gas. so is much smaller than other basement floors. Because every basement floors are the same, so I put Cult.. to number the which B-floor you at.
2. Rebuild the main farm field to (F1 mini field of wheat about 10,748KG which is 10.7 tons) 1000KG = 1 TON F2 is little bigger than F1 F3 grass small F4 —-F13 are at lower level with size 1 ha to 4 ha . F4,F5,F6,F9,F10,F11 are 1ha, F12,F13 are 2ha , the biggest F7,F8 are 200m*200m 4ha. (you will have a lot of works to do with these big fields) In map editor software 100meters*100meter=10000m2=1ha
3. Digital boards added in to everywhere of map shows grains and grass storage level. (because my computer is AMD A10 Quad core, game is V1.1, so no working I don’t know other computers works? or other versions of game works? please tell me when you play.
4. Added Food storage and grain storage everywhere in grain storage also storage woodchips.
5. Added a giant size of Steep hill a giant size of bridge on it, is very long way of hill you can speed full in drive to it.
6. Farm shop takes woodchips. EMT takes wastes.
7. Garden center at farm HQ.
8. EX gas station near F3 grass field. fertilizer and seed at two sides of EX gas station.
9. All gas tanks small tank have two one at farm HQ one at basement doorway both cap of 10,000 L of gas, big gas tank at all grain storage unload place many of the big tanks, big tank cap of 20,000 L of gas. When you use empty of a gas tank you need to use fuel trailer to EX gas station to fill gas and unload to these gas tanks, you can use again and again.
10. Church can be walk in also have 2 floors of Church.
11. airport which tower and a long runway added. air planes in. in the end of airport runway you will not drop down, you don’t believe it, you can drive a car full speed to the end of runway, you see, it will be stop at any speed you driving, or how heavy you truck is.
12. The storage of manure are everywhere Cap of 1000 tons.
13. Slurry cap of 2000 tons.
14. Giant size of garages everywhere at low level.

New Folley Hill Farm V3 Author : Chewzacca861 And FYD Map input and ideas : McCORMICK_X70.80, Rob Basham ,Yelibam and weegrant1980 Advice and Tutorials, JDMFARMS, Dorset, BulletBill83 V3.5 only jack777


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