New Holland Cr10.90 Crawler Combine v 3.0 Pack



-x8 Rotors more efficient
-New Holland Header width 20m
-Max harvesting speed increase at 25km/h
-Animated rotors
-Hand animation
-Pto rotors
-Crawler 4×4



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5 Responses

  1. FarmerMark says:

    Harvester does not show up in game. Unpacked the zip. Header shows up, just not the harvester. Wont even show up in a mod manager app.

  2. dean says:

    when i load the two folders into my mods the header shows up but the combine does not.,,,,,why?

    • zVoxty says:

      Extract and then rename the folder with harverster, sorry for inconvenience, it’s was a write problem, you can fix it just rename.

  3. FarmerMark says:

    zVoxty, Renaming it worked. I am however unable to attach the square baler, can only seem to get the round one hooked up.

    • FarmerMark says:

      I got the square baler hooked up, but its too close to the straw output….it picks some of it up but leaves lots behind. Its there any chance you could move the Hitch PTO connection out a little bit more? This way the baler doesnt miss any?

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