New Holland T5 90.105 V 0.8 BETA

new-holland-t5-90-105-and-115-hp (1)


Version 0.8 BETA
– Fixed decals (hopefully) – Fixed dirt textures (some small parts did not get dirty) – Added additional moving parts in cabin (throttle and brake pedals) – Additional parts will be hidden when parts are toggled off (joysticks, buttons, connectors etc.) – Added instrument panel back light – Lowered rear fenders and cabin slightly – Switched to New Holland front loader hydraulic connector (previously it was from Steyr) – Added shop descriptions and images – Updated prices – … countless other unnoticeable changes that I have forgotten…

GIANTS (models and textures)
JoXXer, fruktor (CabSuspension script)
Saty (UniversalToggleParts script)
Spartan086 (model/texture customization, i3d assembly, xml)


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