NEW HOLLAND T8435 DW V 4.0.3



NewHolland T8.435 Series
Power – 435HP
Price – 265,000
Daily Upkeep – 380

Added Features:
Partical effect on all wheels.
New strobe light set.
Tire tracks on all wheels.
New Sounds.
Dual wheels have collision.
For those who like first person I changed the windows to be much more clearer.
New dual tires!
Tinted Windows.
Indoor sound.
Automatic reverse lights.
Added Second model (No Dual Wheels).
Added rear work cam to both models.

Changel log V4.0.3:
Added Standard model version (No dual Wheels).
Removed tinted windows.
Added rear work cam to both models.
Xbox Controller LB+RB+A Turns on|off work cam.
Playstation Controller L1+R1+X Turns on|off work cam.
Keyboard number 6 NOT KP_6 Turns on|off work cam.

Changel log V4.0.2:
Corrected rotSpeed in xml file.
Corrected radius in xml file.
Corrected rear tire spacing.

Changel log V4.0.1:
Added automatic reverse lights.
Adjusted tire collision.

Changel log V4.0.0:
Tinted Windows
Indoor sound



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