New Land Map V 1.2





New additions are the mod MapBuyableObject.
A new BGA as the court and Hofanbau.
For MapBuyableObject I can tell you last surprise you.
As for the fields we have come up with what the AGS team.
And you have 3 own fields a field is ready for harvesting, the other 2 fields you have to first create (field edge is given) so only flights.
The same applies also for the other fields.
Or for the big field areas that you have to buy only the fields in these areas does not have to again buy only the big field areas.
Buying bare area e are field 14,15,16,17 and 18 then field 4.5 and 6 and then 9.10 and 11. FIG.
In addition you can also expand with even more and the Hofanbau well, but looks even the yard.
Bask everything has remained as it is known by the AGS Map.

FSM Moding
AGS Team
Bedanke mich bei allen die geholfen habe die map aufzu bauen.
Und bedanke mich bei allen modder deren Objekte ich verbaut habe


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