Welcome to Nicolonia, a completely fictitious world. The card contains all standard functions of the LS17.
There are 66 fields (total 167.3ha) and 14 meadows (total 14.9ha).
At the beginning you are already equipped with a very extensive fleet of vehicles, but the teeth of the time gnaw at times. Your farm is very well equipped for grassland. A shredder and another stand with the sugar beet is already available. So you can go directly with animals and / or the BGA.
At the beginning there are 3 fields and 14 meadows.
In order to store your goods, the court camp (with the pigs) and the 3 camps are at your disposal. You can also use the train to move large quantities of goods on the map or to sell goods.
You can sell tree trunks with the crane in Fristonia (near field 59) and the sawmill (below field 11). The sawmill must also be supplied with fuel (woodchip / straw) and produces boards.
At all your courtyards, I have installed placeable halls (Giants-Standard). You can tear you off and transform your courtyards / BGA individually for you.
I wish you lots of fun with VirtualFarmen and exploring!



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