Nikolaevka v 09.4. You begin a career farmer on the outskirts of a small village called Nikolaevka.
You have four tractors, two combines, trailer, plow, harrow and seeder, places for breeding cows, sheep and hens growing. There is also a granary with a small margin of crops, storage with potatoes, beet and wood chips. Three your fields, one of wheat ready for harvest, on the other – sunflower.
On the map: 20 fields, logging complex, creamery, weaving mill, the sugar factory, yoghurt factory, plantation for cultivation of fruit trees, animal farms and meat processing plant, bakery, market, two shops and a cafe. Another of the points of sale -BGA, heating plant, a bio-fuel plant. In general, you will not be bored. I hope you enjoy the map.

Changes in v 0.9.4 (13.09.2016):
1. Completely rewritten oil extraction plant. Handling all automated products.
(Now an exclusive model, which is not on any of the existing map)
2. Fixed the bug with an invisible barrier at the feed mixer
3. “Renovated” Water Tower at the car wash.
4. Added the sale of sugar at some point of sales.
5. Change the image on the splash screen when loading maps
6. Once again, adjusted the prices for individual products
7. partially replace the trees on the map (along fields and roads). Now some of them you can file away, and the other part – the fruit-bearing apple tree.
8. Fixed the “transparent” objects on the move.
9. Changed building a fruit shop.
10. In garden center you can take apples for sale (profits from the sale comes gradually as the implementation of the conditional fruits).
11. The garden center mozheno sell “solid” manure.
Made minor changes in the environment, not affecting gameplay
Once again, the van has been modified food from the pack Gaz53_Pack: bran added transportation to the grocery van, increased breast tank volume up to 9000l

Modpak card in the archive with the map


DOWNLOAD Nikolaevka_v09.4.rar – 853.4 MB

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