Nine Field Map V 15.0.1

neunfeld-map-by-hewaaa (1)

neunfeld-map-by-hewaaa (2)

neunfeld-map-by-hewaaa (3)


Key selling points:
– Agravis
– Net
– DB Schenker
In addition to points of sale:
– Horseback riding (straw purchases)
– KBH (buys manure)
– DB Schenker (sold lime, Kalklager on the farm)
– Fish farming takes corn and gives it after waiting fish out which one sold
– Flour mill takes wheat and flour are based on waiting time, to sell
(Mod beiligend)

In addition, used in construction:

Slurry manure-lime-Mod
chopped straw Mod
Outlets with opening times !!!
Food storage on the farm

– Giants
– Marhu
– Fatian
– Nick98.1
– Desperados93
– dtmaster
– Hewaaa


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2 Responses

  1. yaroslaf says:

    map not appears in game

  2. andy says:

    works fine need to un zip then put all folders in mods, Fantastic map love the fish farm..nice touch

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