Norge Holm Map V 1.4 MF With Weed-Mod

norgeholm-2015 (1)


Version 1.4 Multi Fruit with weed-Mod
* Traffic Light Mod with AI traffic control incl. Fine function. * New road signs

Pig: Marhu, Mannie313
WoolPaletteCollector: Marhu
SeedMaster2k15: Marhu, Framer_Andy (Andy1978), White
Seed2Fix: Marhu, White
WaterMod: Marhu
slurry manure-lime-Mod: TMT, Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan
manure Stock: Framer_Andy (Andy1978 )
composting plant: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
conveyor belt wood chips: Mariodiek
conveyor belts: Leos50
soil texture: ZeFir_POLAND
ball bearings: Shakari
seed stock: mkausen
Multifruid: upsidedown
green manure mod: upsidedown
clover alfalfa: bgo1973
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
lime silo: RC-Devil
display Overview: Blacky_BPG, Happy Looser
Milk Trigger: Marhu
Socks: Marhu
Mapsiloband: Marhu
Digital display: Nils23, Blacky_BPG, lappyBauer, dtmaster
butchery: Pandahma, (Urmodder – would like bauer)
Slurry manure Purchase: Zatoxx
Edeka: Giants, Mark44
horse: Aerocool, GE mapping, SG 1
Forgotten Plants Landscape textures: Eribus
broiler: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
barn horse: Rene248
beet Schneider: Marhu / Funky
Unkrautmod (Multi Sprayer herbicide Mod): upsidedown
AmpelMod: Bluebaby210
Road Signs: Nick98.1


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4 Responses

  1. Annimig says:

    And where am i making the compost??? 🙂

  2. migmig says:

    Where am I making the compost on the map??? 🙂

  3. cieslak12 says:

    we collect chickens trailer ??

  4. MooiWark1992 says:

    Just search ’round the map fools

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