-No errors
-Fun for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge I hope. The terrain is fairly rough in places. Also, if you are logging in the valley, it’s a bit of a drive to get back to the sell points.
Known issues:
-Textures are not final and need some work…especially that sign you see when you first drop in. Please overlook these for now.
-Some parts of the map are not ‘decorated’ yet. I’m struggling with ways to fill up the empty places…it’ll fill up eventually.
-Some of the roads in those undecorated parts are not smoothed or sculpted fully yet. They are roads to nowhere at this point anyway so you won’t have any need to travel these roads unless you are just exploring.
-The PDA map is off a little bit. I need to grow more hair that I can then pull out while I fix this.
-Performance-I hope it is ok. There are not a lot of objects (Northern Ontario is a fairly barren place other than water, rock and trees), but there is a fair amount of foliage to draw. Your feedback would be helpful.
-Balance-I spend more time editing than I do actually playing this game. What’s do you or don’t you like about how it plays?
Planned features:
-Depending on feedback, I may or may not move the sell points much further away from where they are.
-Some custom starter equipment for the final release.
-A surprise or two if I can figure out some things I have no experience in. So a big if there.
-Filling up the empty areas.
Map Notes:
Triggers are in the ‘Office’.
Log sell point at the ‘log sort’ in the empty row. See screens…
Wood chip sellpoint at the power station that provides power to the mill and surrounding buildings. See screens…
Seedling delivery point is behind the ‘Office’ between the pallet stacks.
Vehicles reset between the two sheds. See screens…
Block the first vehicle reset point with a trailer or something and vehicles will be reset to the valley camp.
Probably forgetting to mention some things. I will be watching the comments section. Any constructive feedback is very much welcome. Pointing out the obvious…like “WTF…I can’t buy chickens!!!??!!111″…will be ignored.

Map by EZP, starter map and objects by, robbie, Peter008, Hiijinx, Buzzard


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