New in V 2.1
Production of apple juice and cherry juice
The new pallet types can be stored in the beverage hall
Rooftop construction site at the yard (steel and cement as raw material)
Water trough addon for cows, pigs and the sheep
Outsource more bales at the composter (24 loose bales and everything goes directly into the composter)
Fillable gas station at the central warehouse
Consumption of empty pallets and carton pallets increased at the butcher
Log production is a bit faster
Field prices reduced by 5% to 10%
Cereal storage cattle and chicken farm are now expandable and increased radius for silo expansion
Small ramps and unloading labels at the compound feed factory
A few less decorative pallets in the central warehouse (better performance)
Flags for Burning Gamers, M4cM4nus, Friesian
Seed and fertilizer can now also be bought at the garden center
Light in the bale hall at the Rinderhof
Trigger marks McDonalds
Slightly faster bunker at the farm silos
Cherries and apples are “produced” about 50% faster at the fruit farm

– Fixed buggy pumpkin palettes in the central warehouse
– Cars at the flour factory are no longer in the ground
– Round Bearing Rinderhof Sperrbereich postponed

Moin moin people, after a long construction time, it is finally time and I publish the first version of the 4-fold map.
North German landscape with 45 fields and 16 grass fields. 4 farms and 4 biogas plants, Hühnerhof and Rinderhof. Extra fruit varieties Oats, rye and hops. Take a look at the video for the map presentation in peace.

Huge production and sales opportunities:
Cattle Breeding -> Cows
Chicken farm -> eggs
Sawmill -> board pallets
Wood chipper -> wood chips
Pallet plant -> empty pallets
Composter -> Compost
Flour Factory -> Wheat, barley and rye flour
Bakery -> Bread, pastries and cakes
Brewery -> wheat or barley beer
Fruit farm -> apples, pears, cherries and plums
Vegetable farming -> salad, tomato, red cabbage and cauliflower
Distillery -> Obstler and Korn
Cutter -> fish and crabs
Dairy -> milk, butter, cream, quark and yogurt
Pellets Factory -> Pellets
Stoffrabik -> fabric rolls
Sugar factory -> sugar
Pumpkin Farm -> Pumpkin
Cement factory -> Cement
Butcher -> Meat and sausage
Dieselfabrik -> Diesel
Edible oil factory -> cooking oil
Potato washing plant -> washed potatoes
Potato Factory -> French fries, potato sack and chips
Compound feed -> compound feed for cows / cattle
Pig Feed Mixer -> Pig Feed
Farm shop with sale of fruits and vegetables -> cash boxes
fertilizer production
seed production
sand production
Construction site with sale of sand, gravel and cement -> cash boxes
Bridge construction to get to the big island
3 supermarkets, 2 pallet points of sale and stadium for sale of the products
6 outlets for grain + horse farm, straw power plant, heating and straw / grass sales
Bank for the exchange of cash boxes

Idee / Konzept: FedActionLetsPlay

DOWNLOAD NF_Marsch_4fach_entpacken.rar – 919.6 MB

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