The map is based on the North Frisian Marsch Map from LS15 (standard size)
Landscape: North German flatland map with ditches, windmills, dikes and small forests.
Fields: Ackerland 20 (Owned at the beginning 3) + 11 Grasfelder (All from the beginning)
Field missions are possible and there is a train and a ship for the bonus
The cows, chickens and pigs are housed at the main house
Better take-off fleet than normal
12 selling possibilities for the harvest like station, depot, Raiffeisen, grain port, grain trade, heating factory, pulp factory, sugar factory, oil factory, sawmill, bakery and a BGA for unloading with trailer
From V1.5
A compound feed factory for the production of power feed, power feed can be sold at Raiffeisen, or fed to the cows
New sawmill with production of wooden pallets, which can be sold at the pallet sale
Stationary wood chopper to woodchips (woodchips) production
Milk can be sold seber (recommendation KotteUniversalPack)
Weighers are afforested for more wood-cutting fun
Hotspots to all major map locations
Helpicons for LS novices
Cowshed with gates to open and close
Chopped straw mod fitted
From V1.6
Train at the train station to depart from Holz (bonus like grain train)
Ship at the port to depart from grain (bonus like grain train)
Pallet collectors for the boards and wool pallets
New road texture
Trenches are now overgrown
More decorative items
From V1.7
Multifruit with hops, oats and rye now works properly
Chopped Straw mod is now up-to-date and also works with the new crop varieties
Composter available for making Compost available, price for Compost slightly reduced
Only a yard silo to store
There are no green “spots” next to the streets anymore
Halls at the court somewhat elevated
From V1.8
New refinery for the production of own diesel from rape or sunflower
Diesel can be sold at the two petrol stations
Fill the diesel filling stations at the farm
New large double silo at the BGA Nord
New treatment plant for the production of water from manure or BGA fermentation residues
Water from the clearing can be sold in the city
Sugar beet is back in the game
Compost does not weigh so much anymore
Guard rails at the road crossings as in LS15
Some of the edges of the field are slightly more detailed
From V1.9
Flour factory with wheat flour, barley flour and rye flour (all on pallets)
Sugar factory with the production of sugar pellets from sugar beet and water
Bakery with broth (on pallets) made of flour and water
Overload Pipe (for the hoses with Unviversal Kotte Pack) for the Milchtrigger, Raffirenie and sewage treatment plant
Sawmill and wood-chip production now with direct loading (no conveyor belts needed anymore)
Lidl market installed
Sugar beet is back in the game
Sales for flour pallets, sugar pallets and bread pallets at Edeka and Lidl
Small bug fixes and adjustments
Compsot brings less revenue
From V2.0 onwards
– The map is LS17 Patch 1.4 ready
– Beer production (wheat beer in barrels and barley beer in boxes)
– Empty pallets production
– Fertilizer at the farm can now also fill syringes
– Overloading at the Composter
– Overloading pipe at compound feed factory
– New factory script
– Triggers can now be supplied with Courseplay
– Sales triggers at supermarkets larger
– New sales station stadium
– Sugar factory works faster
– Sawmill Fuel trigger again correctly
– Rye flour pallets are now in play
– Less flying bushes / flowers
Mod recommendation
Kotte Universal Pack
Universal Process Kit

Dani1803 / FedActionLetsPlay

DOWNLOAD NF_Marsch_entpacken.rar – 855.4 MB

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