nos-hardcore-pack (1)

nos-hardcore-pack (2)


Here the data from Drescher Dinosaurs
Costs about 500,000 euros
ne airbrush painting was missed him.
Lights were upgraded to red.
Interior was renewed all. with leather seats
The granary has been extended beyond 1 million liters. so that you do not constantly have to entlerren the loader, but when there is a field ready, you can lerren dan his grain tank.
There is also a 2 in 1 cutting for free as well as a car
soso which were until now all the data I einfiell.
Then the data from the car.
It’s a Lizard Pick-Up
He was newly repainted (color choice is no longer required.
New BMW E34 V8 was installed.
NOS bottles were mounted top
Ne brochure from the Corsa D If the back of the rear bench seat
He will also be provided for free as a thank you to purchase a NOS Drescher
Lights were converted red.
And new remuneration was in nor related to red-blue

And finally, a cutter
Was repainted only in dark green
Has an automatic trailer
And he is as a thank you for free for the thresher.
Oh yes, it’s still a surprise gift as a thank you to download the I’m not going to say: D
These are the real names.
NewHolland CR10.90 NOS Hardcore
NewHolland Superflex Draper 45FT NOS Hardcore
Lizard PickQup NOS Hardcore

Corsa D Fahrer


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  1. hills farm says:

    need to fix the brakes on the combine

  2. hills farm says:

    other wise it’s greate

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