An ambient soundset for the Oakfield map, this set is virtually all birdsong set in the fields and hedgerows of the map and selected and placed as realistically as possible in the places where each type would be likely to be heard. Not all species are necessarily in the area, but certainly there would be a chance of them.

To reduce file size, this set also requires you to have the CPF sound set as well, as this one uses many files from that set. This set though has 39 additional sound files to further enhance the realism.

This mod will require knowledge of Giants Editor and general file handling to install, it is not a mod for the mods folder.

The install is a slightly fiddly process, but you will be well rewarded with a rich sound set as you move about the great landscape that forms the Oakfield map, not every spot has a sound, there are quiet areas too, but all sounds are located as realistically as possible to give the best ambient experience.

Giants KimG

DOWNLOAD Oakfield_Soundset.zip – 195.0 MB

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