After many requests my map, I have now decided to put it up today available
What awaits you ????
It is a complete Kuhhof fitted with MixFedder
Furthermore, we also have a beef and pork MixFedder fitted with many shelters.
We have built a Schafshof with Wool Collector
You will find also a lot of forest for foresters among us.
Also we have a suitable chicken which is quite large.
The Pda not true that is only completed when the final version
There are 2 BGA “s and find a BGA storage in sub-location.
A butcher for cattle and pigs can be found on the map.
A gas station with own grill for a short break in between is also in the gas station
There are 4 villages with a little decoration
A sawmill with web straightener and a different sawmill that should you discover 🙂 everything will not betray
So the rest of the map itself you should explore else makes it so no more fun
This is a beta version, so please save yourselves the useless comments.
Of course I continue to work on the map.
The final version is expected in August, exact date I can not call you.
I want to thank to all those whose mods and buildings I have built
Have a lot of fun playing.
Should find their errors, so please I you this inform me via PM.
What comes in v 1.2
Sawmill (with pallet collection Collector for wooden boards)
traffic regulations signs
PDA newly Revise
Here and there new Deko
composting plant
Map of the MB number verkleiner forth therefore direckt DL
And a few little surprises

Tester: Ago Modding LU Rheinland Pfalz

DOWNLOAD Oberwiesen-map.zip – 726.0 MB

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