OM 50 R V2.0

Version 2.0
– Errors corrected
– New textures (diffuse, specular, normal)
– I.C (start, lights, lower back)
– New sounds (start, idle, run, load, stop)
– new anomations ( with left mouse button, we can translate indoor camera from left to right), and new configurations at the shop (2wd and 4wd wheels)

Salve, vi presento l’om 50 r, un trattore fabbricato negli anni 60, da 50 cavalli e 4 cilindri, spero vi piaccia
-Lancette animate
-asse basculante
-i.c (luce interna e botola cofano)
-sedile ammortizzato
entrata animata
-aggiunta catene alle ruote
-Possibilità togliere griglia cofano
-possibilita scegliere targa
-possibilita togliere lamoeggiante
-pedali animati
-possibilita scelgiere al negozio 3 versioni: con sollevatore, con il triangolo, o solo con gangi odi triano e pto
-chiave animata
-spia accensione
-gear box addon

Hi, I present the om 50 r, a tractor built in the 60’s, 50 hp and 4 cylinders, I hope you like it Features
-Lans are animated
-i.c (inner light and bonnet hatchback)
– depreciated Animated Entrance
-Add chains to the wheels
– Possibility to remove grille bonnet
-can choose plate
-can take away beacon light
-possibilita choose at the store 3 versions: with lifts, with the triangle, or just with triangles and pto
-key animated
-ingition light
Gear box addon

Model: 352c Neyther Texture: neyther Script: neyther e lucky modding Idea / Concept: neyther


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