On The Riverside V 1.1 Mit Hafer U. Sonnenblumen

am-flussufer-2015 (1)

am-flussufer-2015 (2)

am-flussufer-2015 (3)


On the riverfront v.1.1 MF – for the LS2015 update from 02/27/15 Two new fruit varieties. Oats and sunflower (thanks to tractor Jack for fitting) Hofabladestellen for wheat barley rape maize oats and Sun flower now be removed with the shovel and climbing in to fill , Road system and Posts expanded .. sawmill and unloading (trigger) Optimized: No unloading with wheel loaders necessary (TIMBER RUNNER) as the trigger is set higher. Tree edge now also available beet harvester Optimized Mapsiloband was taken out .. if required to take the newer of Marhu! Since it can load all types of fruit. This was the first rough many little things were still made. The zusatzzips required for new fruits and Siloband are further listed below! ps: The map is 100% Logfehlerfrei and everything works as it should. Aaach almost forgot !! .. For new fruit varieties you need only the two zip files of Upside Down with in the store modfolder However functioning but the standard support them no sun flowers particles, for vehicles .. fals it is erwüscht the right SB particles you have to see you look for the right device itself. Lg. Funky your


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