One River Map V 1.1

one-river--2 (1)

one-river--2 (2)


It’s built a candy factory and other outlets. In addition, a forest is present, a pond and a river.
The trees can be sold except for a few in the shop, in the event that bothers you on the edge of the field a tree. You can of course make the trees only sell direct saves time.
The country is divided into 2 parts which is separated by a river and mobile with 2 bridges.
Bga is small with only 2 silos.
If you want to expand this Map this can do so because there is enough space for it exists.
It is also allowed that map again to upload without request if the original name of “One River” is used.

FK Modding, Diverse Modder


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  1. Trucky says:

    Not this one in general. but all could you please not bring out so many versions of each map or vehicle etc. You just download one then the next day there is another “better” version. Please please could you just put up the best version only as it’s becoming so overwhelming and overloaded with so many mods of the same thing.

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