Ossie Map 2015 V 1.0 MF

ossie_map_2015--2 (1)

ossie_map_2015--2 (2)

ossie_map_2015--2 (3)


There are many different fields (where the helper sometimes reaches its limits) then from time to time some remedial work required.
Personally, I do not mind.
The map is designed for single player (Course Play for etfernter collisions thanks to the sliding doors).
In MP I have not tested (but should work).
Of fruits are installed: Standard plus oats, rye, sunflower and poppy seeds.
Furthermore, there are cattle and pigs, as well as Watermod, ChoppedStrow, purchasable Forestry (more) GülleMistKalkMod and manure sale.
Playable is the map with standard vehicles, it will be for the new crops needed no additional equipment.
Only for the animal sale you need a special Livestock Trailers (this is Downlod included)
Almost all of the required mods (multifruit, GMK-Mod, etc.) I put the downloads so please after the DL unpack and content in the mod folder.

Watermod,Schweine- u. Rindermast von Marhu
MultifruitMod von upsidedown und Eribus
Rolltore von Blacky_BPG
Chopped Straw von webalizer
Gülle mist Verkauf von Zatox
Futterlager von Modell:LS-Andy,Script:marhu, Korrektur und kleine Umbauten:s4t4n
GülleMistKalkMod von von TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)


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