Pak technique for maps kerosene. The mod-pack includes Russian mods: tractors, trailers, agricultural equipment, combine, trucks.

Only 20 units:
1. BM-6B
2. 2ПТС4
3. DT-75 and blade
4. Forager
5. КДН-210
6. Kirovets K-700
7. Cultivator and coupling: KPS-4N KPS-4 Coupling KPS-8
8. Pack plows PLN (3-35 – 8-35)
9. ChTZ T-170
10. Animal trailer TT-1
11. YuMZ-8240
12. Ural module pack
13. KIR-1.5M
14. PAK fertilizer (RU-1000, RU-600, MVU-8B)
15. 2PTS-4
16. PTS Van
17. Rostselmash NIWA SC-5
18. Astra NWT 3.6A + hitch
19. Ural Next garbage truck. Garbage truck “URAL” for the removal of garbage at Kerosene
20. Vladimirets T-25A and T-30A

Installation Instructions for Pack of Equipment for the Kerosene Card in FS17:
Your first action will be to download the archive using the appropriate button below. Mods on our site are virus-free, and 99.9% have any extension other than “.exe”!
If the downloaded file has the extension. If the downloaded archive has the extension “.rar”, then, as a rule, it contains a whole pack of mods for FS2017 – such archives should be unzipped. Specifically to this fashion, you need: Unzip. File in ZIP format – move to the documents folder / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /.
File size: 423.7 MB

DOWNLOAD pak_kerosa.rar – 423.7 MB

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