Papenburg Forever Map V 2.0

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papenburg-forever (2)

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Version 2.0
– Now a total of 4 farms: 1x milk and cattle, sheep and pig 1 x 1x bulls and cattle and chicken and pig 1x -animated bulls still -Only 1 Lohnbetrieb. -Just As known operation still 2 BGAs 1 on milk and cattle, and the other in the northeastern part. -milk / Beef farm completely restructured and made more compact. -Milchtrigger Installed outside the barn (to use the milk trucks). -Milram Molkerrei in the northeast industrial area prepared for manual sale. -1 Small butcher removed or furnished 1 large slaughter plants (among dairy) -All fields. -multifruitplanen and multifruit scripts adapted to map. -2 Tietransporter to the many animals adapted (technically as necessary) -etliche bugfixes -an the chickens pasture eierpallette or grid box to collect uncomplicated installed (up about 200 eggs) -etliche new silos (3 new large corn or grassilo and 1 times the BGA North 2 Aufschiebesilos -several houses in the north of the map is placed. -Startfahrzeuge provided new and something aussgeweitet. and and and ….

Verschiedene gebäude und texturen von
Jimkerk: umbauten und umtextuieren an gebäuden
Fatian: strassen und wege,
Tessman85: Groundtexturen
Ni Modding:Hallen und Häuserpack
818Vario: Halle
DeutzDx85: Börgergüllebehälter
chopped Sraw:webalizer_ls
Wasser Mod by Marhu
Gülle Mist Kalk Mod by Marhu
Map Ampeln by Bluebaby
Rinder und Schweinemast by Marhu
Digitale anzeife by Nils23
Seedmaster2k15 by Farmer_Andy
Werkstatt interior und kran etc. by JauchenPaule
Kompostanlage by Andy1978 (
Fermenting Silo Script: Marhu (
Siloteilabdeckung Idee Jimkerk script: Bluebaby
Und viele Mehr


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