Papenburg Map V 4.0

papenburger-map--8 (1)

papenburger-map--8 (2)


Version 4.0
– Raising chickens installed -Saatgutlager / heap with conveyor belt installed -Wollpaletten Collector installed -Kompostieranlage installed

Various buildings and textures of
Jimkerk: tags and umtextuieren of buildings
Fatian: roads and paths,
Tessman85: Ground textures
Ni Modding: Halls and Houses Pack
818vario: Hall
DeutzDx85: Börger slurry tanks
chopped SRaw: webalizer_ls
water Mod by Marhu
manure manure lime Mod by Marhu
Map lights by Blue Baby
cattle and pigs by Marhu
Digital anzeife by Nils23
Seedmaster2k15, chickens mast and composting plant by Farmer_Andy
workshop interior and crane etc. by Jauch Paule
And many more


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2 Responses

  1. Trucky says:

    Map goes thru to engine noise when starting up but will not open?? Have left it for over 5 mins, nothing but engine noise and picture saying “have fun”. Could someone help, this has only happened once before but IN FS2013 map.

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