This is my 5th and final map for FS2015.

Version 1.3S
Update Details, goes without saying really that you must start a new game save for this map.
Field AI over run added to all fields.
Course play scans all fields first time every time.
Terrain and Dirt added.
New Foliage layers added and a full map repaint.
Map surface texture repaint.
200 extra trees added.
Custom missions, demand and mowing missions with descriptions added.
New Oat foliage texture added.
New Corn foliage texture added.
Soil textures Replaced.
Sugar beet distance textures adjusted.
All prices adjusted for fruits, the map is now harder.
New water texture.
All heaps adjusted and corrected.
Brand New Salad area layout.
New Potato Steamer added.
New Potato Washer added.
New Greenhouses added.
New Compost bagging added.
New storage added for beetPulp and Pig Forage.
New Auto gates added.
Natural animal release added for payment.
Cargo boxes added.
Pallet manufacture added.
New Area lighting added.
New expanded BGA yard.
Manure Separator added.
Expanded Dairy Yard and new Milk Max Machines.
Vehicle repair added to both farms.
New grain dryer added.
Flour production added.
Pallet movers and auto sell on everything.
New Chaff Textures,
All sell points updated.
PDA map fully updated.
File system cleaned.
New tree models with performance increase.
New compost master and general store yard layout.
New signs where needed.
Pigzone added.
Beetpulp added to pig and beef fattening.
Tweak made to the pig forage machine, steamed potato no longer used, it now takes potato, sugarBeet and beetPulp plus wheat/barley.
Egg laying station has had the feed heap moved to the outside of the building.
New Beetmaster Added.
Animation map, Damage, chopped straw scripts updated.
Soilmod switch added to the maps Lua file.
Starting money increased to 50K.
Capacities upped and matched on mods where needed.
There’s now a few million in pre-planted trees for forestry fans and the production area at the salad yard is capable of keeping you very busy and making lots of money.
Note due to the field layouts and elevation changes it is still possible for AI to trip out from time to time. I like the elevation as it was so I haven’t adjusted it much.
This map probably won’t work on certain severs due to the GRLE count which is server specific.
There’s more.

Whilst creating this map my father passed away after a long fight with a terminal illness.
Paradise hills has multifruit, is soil mod ready and damage mod ready. It features some of the latest installed mods from some of the greatest mod makers around and I hold the great inventors on with the highest of respect for making these extensions for maps.
The map pack comes with all files needed for the map to play perfectly and error free including matched placeable forestry 40m sprce and 27m Dark pines so you can swiftly replace the natural forestry area in the maps centre. This map was made for my family and friends and today I share it with you all. Have fun and happy farming.

Key features:
Full PDA Map.
V3 BGA tip point.
2 Large Farms.
Large central forestry zone with mills by Marhu and KevinK98.
Wood and grain Trains.
Traffic and people.
Open country design.
21 medium to large fields suitable for large equipment with large field end zones.
Custom animal zones,
Large General store with tip point, egg sell, seeds, fertiliser, sapplings and fuel tirggers. Compost 2K16 by Farmer_Andy and pallet products sell point.
Beetmaster and Seedmaster 2K16’s installed by Farmer_Andy.
Salad Factory with Potato washer and Steamer by Farmer_Andy complete with pallet movers by Marhu with autsell triggers.
Wool Pallet Collector with pallet mover by Marhu and auto sell.
Mixstations by Marhu.
Latest Watermod by Marhu.
Water Spray troughs by

Model: Original by Giants. Texture: Original by Giants Script: Original by Giants Idea / Concept: Stevie Testing: Stevie, Luke_BK Other: Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: KevinK98, mngrazy, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Robbie, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, Fatian, Blacky_BPG and Webalizer.


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