People Holm Map V 2.3 MF




Map “unlocked” for Feldarbeitsmod
!!! Attention:
An order must necessarily commenced before the end of the game to be completed, because the job is not saved!
What happens when you during a current contract ends the game ?: Temporary textures are not deleted. Should textures to be next to the field, they can “create fields” only be removed by the plow !!!
The respective field remains in possession, without buying it.
In addition, the Mod Drive Control must not be in the Mod folder if you the field order Mod used because these two mods probably not tolerated.
Use of field contract Mod so at your own risk !!!
Composting plant can now be filled with shovel and Bale
Signs on Mixfeeder attached
biomass power plant now also takes loose straw
Cows can also be fed manually with compound feed now
silage silo on the farm capacity of 300,000 to 350,000 amended
Seedmaster capacity from 12,000 to 15,000 changed
prices rye, oats and sunflower adapted
straw power plant now also takes grass and hay
grass texture (swath) revised (Is now to see better at night)
factory script updated
rapeseed texture made ​​darker

Original Map: Giants
RC-Devil: fertilizer factory / warehouse, compost texture
Marhu: Watermod, milk trigger. Mapsiloband, Pruning, Woolpalettcollector Viehmarkt
Marhu u Mannie313:. Pole plants GMK Mod
Marhu Funky: Beet cutter
Marhu, white: Seed2Fix
Andy1978 and Marhu: Seedmaster
Farmer_Andy: composting plant, manure storage, beet Schnitzler, broiler
pig feed production, Balemaster egg-laying station
upsidedown: Multifruid Mod, Unkrautmod
1LS12: shelter
Mariodiek: Conveyor wood chips, Warehouse
webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw
Lars: Regal
ZeFir_POLAND: soil texture
Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0, fruit textures
Leos50: Conveyor
Blacky_BPG, Nils23, white, lappyBauer, dtmaster: Digital Display
bgo1973: Clover Luzerne
Eisbearg: Gitterbox eggs
Inerti: DustMod
Gene Borg: Textures: slurry manure lime – sunflower, clover + alfalfa,
rye, soil texture, SoilMod textures
Joerg_B: Great Hall
Typhoon: BGA for small businesses
San_Andreas: Baumarkt
SoilMod: Decker_MMIV
Gas Station Trigger Extended:
Blacky_BPG LS13 / convertiert for LS15 tobiasgo
Bluebaby210: Mix Feeder
Timber131: cowshed
zatoxx: slurry manure buying
Seba j, bombastic, BIFACE: Grass texture

DOWNLOAD Volksholm_SE_V2_3_Entpacken.rar – 637.1 MB

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