People Holm V 1.6.3

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Catch crop for green manure mod added: Clover and alfalfa (growth time ¼ normal) seed stock and fertilizer warehouse at the court changed BGA: Available for root crops away, there are now placeable bunch! BGA: shelter inserted BGA: adjusted trigger, it can be unloaded with trailer now! Butcher shop near the dairy inserted straw sale at the circus added textures Forgotten Plants inserted: integrated amended wheat, barley, maize and potatoes sky texture no longer need in the mod folder, please remove !! Reset point in the yard adapted Tap on the river behind the car dealer added (free water) pipe for the following water / milk trailer.

1LS12: Unterstand
Marhu: Watermod, Milchtrigger. Mapsiloband, Stutzen
Pisty: Rampe
Mariodiek: Förderband Holzschnitzel, Lagerhalle
webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw
ZeFir_POLAND: Bodentextur
Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0 Fruchttexturen
Leos50: Förderbänder
Marhu u. Mannie313: Mastanlagen GMK Mod
Zatoxx: Gülleverkauf
DigitalDisplay: Blacky_BPG, Nils23, weisser, lappyBauer, dtmaster
Seedmaster: Andy1978 und Marhu
DisplayOverview: Blacky_BPG und HappyLooser
Saatgutlager: mkausen
Seed2Fix: Marhu, weisser (Hilfe beim seeds2fix)
Woolpalettcollector: Marhu
DustMod: Inerti
Brunnen: LS-2013 Modding
Silopack: RC-Devil
Real Sky: Modding Fabrik
Metzgerei: SLJ-Agrar
Klee Luzerne: bgo1973


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  1. Nisroc says:

    I played the hell out of this map and each time i played it got slower and slower and slower. there seemed to be some weird graphic lag around the siliage/grass/hay shed. I hated coming up that hill. Also seems to be some error with cattle trough. the cattle chew though 6 days food in ten mins

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