Showing Map Of “Perestroika 1986”
Culture on the map and animals standard for FS 17.
1) Script mud: slipping, splashing mud, slowing and capaccinii technology. Each wheel in the mud behaves individually.
2) Animated animals: cows and sheep owned by others (standard); snakes, seagulls, eagles, horses, dogs and cats
3) Aviacraft on schedule.
4) Rail traffic: trains are moving on schedule,the map can be only 1 train. Train “theme,” i.e., take only the specific goods railway station, but not everything. W/d path is a little tortuous. The number, type and color of the cars are selected randomly, some cars can see various goods. When driving the train reacts to obstacles, emits beeps and brake, after stopping, the player receives a penalty
5) the Ship is on schedule, delivers a dial tone, is in port. Affects the amount of cargo in the port. At the end of the Parking lot you may see a message about the urgency of the cargo at the port.
6) rotary mining excavator. There are beautiful animations and sounds. Loading sand and gravel on the choice of the required concrete plant, also the plant needs cement we are buying in port.
7)CULTURE on the map: Standard + rye, oats, sunflower, onions, carrots.
8)ANIMALS: Standard + calves, pigs
Plants produce: sunflower oil, packaged oil(bagasse, husk), canned food, condensed milk, bread, biscuits, beer, sugar, cement, wheat flour, rye flour(bran), corn. For the brewery to buy hops and transfer to a dry concrete buy cement. The weight of all cargo is different. For example, full hop trailer uphill the truck will pop out easily, and a full body gravel or cement – trailer stronger will shrink and be barely to go, because the load is heavy.

Big modpack

Ваня Бондаренко

DOWNLOAD modpack.part1.rar – 1.5 GB

DOWNLOAD modpack.part2.rar – 1.5 GB

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