I grew up on a dairy farm. We had Guernsey cows for milking and a few Black Angus for meat along with many other animals. All were grass fed so we did a lot of hay bales. Dad would always push to get 4 grass cuttings a year. Every summer we would fill every square foot
of the loft with hay bales.

Map is error free.
Missions and all other map functions are working.
Start vehicles have been upgraded.
Reset vehicles (loadPlace) is at the farm.
You start with fields marked G-1 through G-6. G-1,2,5,6 are grass G-3 barley and G-4 wheat.
All animals are at the farm. Thanks to invisible fencing the cows and sheep get to graze and seek shade to the woods.
Added fuel trigger to farm.(see photo)
There is free water at the stream east of the farm marked Water in blue print.
The 3 RR storage silos and the farm storage silo capacities have been increased.
Added 3 red barn’s to sell bales and windrow. Also removed collision from red barns so now you can tip auto bale wagons inside. Just drive through.



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