Peterbilt 379 Truck v1.1.0.0 FS19

* Added color variation to the truck/ steering wheel.
* Tweaked a few other minor things.

Future additions:
– Side lights
– Interior remaster
– Steering wheel
– Blinkers in the front
– Realistic sounds
– Guage fixes

I may also shorten up the chassis since it seems to get stuck more often on un level grounds but not sure yet.
Also big thanks to @ZombiDogz for the original truck build in fs17, i’ve only converted and added my own touch to things to make it work in fs19.
If theirs anything else you guys would like to see added to the pete let me know!

@ZombiDogz for original truck build in fs17TheFallen for conversion to fs19

DOWNLOAD – 48229756

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