Here is the phibar triple cutter. I converted it over from fs13. I had cut down on some of the components. I retextured the unit and replaced few of the textured objects with model objects. changed the scripting around some. there is some new luas created by alfalfa6945 so the knife moves on a mower and will cut grain crops if you use his zzz cropmowing lua he made also. I included the zzz cropmowing zip in main zip file.

the rear part of the cutter will come unfolded when you initially purchase unit just hitch up and pull away. You must back the unit up to wing it out then hit x to unfold rear unit. you can hit x with it in transport mode but will unfold wonky. the one set of decals on side panels I had to just mirror so they look backwards but couldn’t find a good clean set of decal pics for it. will change it when I do.

model – xyz spain
texturing/scripting – killerrf
new luas – alfalfa6945
any issues post in the AEM help section


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