This update fixes the Kotte fuel tanker trigger on the output side of the yellow fuel storage tanks around the map, it removes the floating spotlight in the farms top yard and adds mud to the puddles that I missed.
This update does not require a new game but If the PDA Pig Food price becomes unstable after the update with your current gamesave you will need to start a new game but check first.
Make sure you delete the older version first from your mods folder. Unzip the downloaded file and place the map zip into your mods folder.
This map must have the latest Gaint’s or Steam game update installed for it to load.
Update 2 End.
Update 1 fix information.
Delete the old map zip from your mods folder first, Unzip the new downloaded file to get to the map zip and place it into your mods folder.
BGA signs Fix, Floating spot light and smoke at jeebs, TMR machine ground marker and vehicle storage width by the grass meadow. A couple of prices were adjusted mainly milk up and fuel down.

Dirt and Terrain is present in the map but not activated in the modDesc see below. The map will however piggy back activation for you if you have my Snettertons Farm DTSMP map in your mods folder. If you wish not to have the Dirt and Terrain active make sure no map with it is present in your mods folder.
Servers and single player permanent Dirt and Terrain control activation.
If you want Dirt and Terrain on your server unzip the map open the modDesc file with notepad++, scroll down to near the bottom and locate the extra source files section and add the following 2 lines of xml.

So the whole thing looks like this example where you can see the 2 added lines near the bottom.

Then save in notepad++, exit it and rezip the map. Make sure you rezip the map from the root directory where the modDesc file is by selecting all the files there and right click the mouse and choose send to compressed folder with windows. Note everyone on the server will need your new zipped version as the security hash will be different to my original file.

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