Some time ago I made a bale shredders, I’ve found I can take away more than bales of straw from the field.
Since, known as straw is needed for animal husbandry, I was looking for a way to turn these bales straw again …
The result is my ball shredder for straw bales, which now is in its first version.

Before I had ever seen a bale shredders for Chaff (chopped) created for making straw and grass bales, this is also in this mod.

Currently there is not quite how I thought it, I still lack an animation of the bales to the shredder. I do not have time and muse to occupy myself with it, unfortunately also the only with me functioning UPK no possibility of ParticleSystems, so that looks this Mod relatively bald 🙁

The mod works clean and it is made of straw or chaff.

One more small note: The Making of Chaff from straw bales course costs a little, since this is a “silage” is required, so do not be surprised if in the production of Chaff money is abgzogen. 🙂

Idee, Umsetzung, Skinning: t2k_modding (peter (nik:thoralf2000)) Schuppen: NI-Modding Förderband: Marhu Ballenband: GiantsSoftware GmbH Heap: mor2000


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