Placeable Fixes Beta v0.0.1 FS19

Beta version. I have not tested it on all maps, or in MP. I do not know if it works on consoles.

Fixes the placement of Animal Husbandry, Water Tank, and Workshop.
— Removes the horrible grass borders.
— Will not overwrite the underlying ground texture.
— Removes the insane terrain editing costs.
— Place _almost_ anywhere.
— Removes the food messes. No more cleaning up 10x a day.
— Hopefully fixes the “no more space for eggs” issue.

— There is no height checking. Be careful with placement and check the height, else it will float in the air.
— Use the 2 Terrain Levelers included. 50×50 grass and concrete. No need to sell them, just place the animal pens on top.

Me myself and I. The voices gave guidance.


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