UPDATE: Lamp globe now glows (is emissive) when the light is lit… All clip distances and view ranges set to 300m. Light illumination range set to 20m.
From the V1 description: Years ago, for those of us older than dirt, the electric co-ops offered cheap mercury vapor lights (a flat $5 per month per light) to farmers. Driving around farm country you’d see these blue-ish lights off in the distance, dotting the countryside. Up close, every moth and bug in the country would be fluttering around it.
So here’s a blast from the past. Found this for FS15 a good while back, but it was an FPS killer if placed in the wrong spot (near any tree, for example). Re-worked it (in FS15), got it to the point it wasn’t painful on FPS, and used it to light my farmyard as an alternative to streetlights and floodlights. Have used up to half-a-dozen around the farmyard without any ill effects on the frame rate, but as usual, YMMV.
Automatically comes on at dusk and shuts off in the morning, just like the real thing. Welcome back to the 1960s and 70s.
Thanks to rmckinney for fixing the old shapes file log warning.

FarmerMike5390 (FS15), Spanky (edit and conversion to FS17)


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