Hi folks. I was happy to mock up these placeable and refillable seed/fertilizer bins with a few models I found. The seed and fertilizer bins are separate items in the store. You can fill them at the one auger and then allow it a few moments for the script to work and then fill your wagon or seeder at the other auger. It will indicate how much you put in and also how much is available to unload on the displays. I thought this would be a much more authentic looking setup than others Ive seen online. Works with patch 1.5.3
Note: Seeders require you to have automatic unloading set in order to fill. You can go right under the unloading auger and select auto or manual.

Credits: I do not take credit for making the models themselves and the credit goes to the person/persons that made them otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible for me to make this.


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