PLOW U-128/1 V1.0

Mod has:
Clean log
Real scale
Realist PS with textura that fits to the ground
Realistic textures in DDS format
Depth adjustment on approach
First ski adjustment on approach
Adjust the sharp ski to the approach
Moving the wheel to the approach
Attaching the module only to the approach

This is a mod on which I learned the scripts and programming from 0. If you find a bug in fashion, please contact the forum given in moddesc, but this should not be because the mod has been tested.

Thank you for:
– Rockstar94 for permission to use part of his script
– Kejefsi for help with textures
– Clayson, Slyclif and Pablo for fashion testing.


DOWNLOAD WypakujDoModsPlugPUMA.rar – 2.7 MB

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