– Purchased Boxes
– Traffic
– 3 Fully Graded Farms
– 1 Purchase All Crop
– Sawmill
– Purchase of livestock
– Separate silages for cows and pigs
– Selling straw at one point
– Cows, pigs, sheep, hens
– Selling eggs
– lots of forests
– Polish climate
– Map for small and medium equipment depending on selected Farm
– Gates opened on the original script “mouse button” (you do not need any mods to do them)
– Clean LOG Maps
– Clean LOG on the Premium
– Reset the machines
– Shop with machines
– Modernization of machines also in the shop
– Sale of wool (where we buy a game)
– lots of boxes
– Fill water with each hydrant
– Fully functional PDA Map
Refueling machines on every farm
– starter machines
– And a lot more

What it has / fixed in the Final Map:

– Fixed all gates that entered buildings / objects
– Added sounds when opening the door
– Change the Open Key (Just left click and the gates will open themselves)
– Added lighting in garages, cows at the click of a mouse after approaching the switch
– Replaced traffic on older vehicles that better fit the map
– The pig farm has been modernized and enlarged (now they are already in the camp and we are feeding them there)
– Lightly modernized sheep farm added a separate silage for cereals and other cosmetic things
– Added Manual Milk Sales (Need a Milk Bar)
– some fields joined together on request of some people 🙂
– The map was enlarged with a good dozen boxes together on the entire map with meadows is 88 of them
– Added Biogas
– Sale of manure slurry in the Biogas plant
– Added Second Purchase Crop
– Added buying fertilizers and seeds
– Fixed problem with permeating silage through walls
– Fixed problem with buying some of the boxes themselves (may still occur such things do not know what it caused but should be ok)
– Added chop mod NOTICE Need Mod chaff that you download from the original Farming
– Added Realist mud Bury
– Added a map collision will not go beyond it
– Added some buildings and light modernization in the village
– Clean LOG

VenTuriO Fs

DOWNLOAD FS17_Polska_KrajnaFinal.zip – 391.2 MB

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