I present to you the final version of the map in the Polish style
And on the map are:
– Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs
– 4 Farms
– Basic cultivation without frills
– Manure, manure, lime V2
– Mod chopped
– Sale of Milk on Vlas Watches in Dairy
– Sale of Pigs
– Mud on the map
– Mod water
– Feeding wheat and water hens
– Pushed out manure
– Buying seedlings and sale of wood
– Reset Machine
– Sales of wool
– Sales of eggs
– Sales of all crops in one procurement
– Purchased lime for each Economy
– Polish Cool klimacik
A version of v1.1 Final
– Fixed optimization by reducing the textures of ordinary hd
– Exchanged for new textures crops
– Added ferme hens on a third economy, we can do there Manure after throwing bale of straw
– Fixed errors associated with dedykiem map no longer has any errors in the log Site Uptime Enterprise
– Added numbers Champs (without option to buy)
– Fixed the silos of corn have been lower wage full
– Added HeapTipTriger for storage of crops anywhere and manure for example. (Hens)
– Slimmed down map of 45MB

VenTuriO Fs

DOWNLOAD Wypakuj_do_Mods.rar – 328.2 MB

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