Map contains:
– Purchased Fields
– Traffic
– 3 fully playable Farms
– 1 Purchase of crop
– Pila
– Sales of livestock purchases
– Separate silos for crops for cows and pigs
– Sales of straw in one place
– Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens
– Sales of eggs
– A large number of forests
– Polish climate
– Map for small devices, depending on the Farm
– Gates open to the original scenario, „click“ (you do not need any mods to their actions)
– Net LOG Maps
– Net LOG while paying
– Restore machine
– Store the machine
– Modernization of the machine also in store
– Sales of waves (where we buy zoo)
– A large number of fields
– Adding water at any hydrant
– Work in full PDA Map
– Filling machines for each farm
– Machines for starters
– And much more

VenTuriO Fs

DOWNLOAD Polska_Krajna_v1.1.zip – 106.6 MB

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