Ponsessis CSAL Pack V 1.0


Ponssee CSAL

6 wheel harvester horizintaler manual head reduction without differential with saddle plate, detachable collars for road transport, enhanced LCD’s and div. Visual enhancements in the interior (chainsaw, radio)
3 Stützfußpaare for stability.
Attachments mouth for standard tipper and functional degradable “ball head”.
Clear glass safety glazing
New !: -> Sky-Active-CAM GPS for determining the position <----- Wendeschaltung with integrated steering system migration for work mode. When purchasing you will receive a choice of colors available Cutting length adjustment every 050 "cm" from 100-950 "cm" Ponssee JENZ CSAL Holzschredder with quick feed roller, bunker silo with approximately 50,000 cubic feet of cargo volume Functional overcharge pipe Crane loading with pliers Continuous LED flashing beacon Digital charge level indicator Removable bunker Plane Optimized for cutting length: 100 "cm" Credits:

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