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Ponsse Buffalo with Jenz Chipper


A Ponsse Buffalo with the Jenz Hem 583 That i have modified to fit the back of the buffalo and it have a storage tank under the chipper so you dont have to pull a tipper after it. Hope you like it!

Giants, Snowcraft97


9 thoughts on “Ponsse Buffalo with Jenz Chipper

  • Rambow145

    This thing is awesome and works really nice this is really what farming simulator 2015 needed.. Nice job on this!!

  • cantonsilver

    Google translator:

    Great. I love this mod, but I have an idea for the next version. Since this vehicle is based on the Ponsse Buffalo forwarders, it is very terrain. A chipper makes self-driven but so little sense. Is it possible, similar as in Combines a “grain tank” installed for chips to then this too cluttered now and then in a trailer?

  • Rambow145

    Snowcraft97, Could you make a big chipper that’s mounted on the lowboy trailer and powered by its self that you could start and leave run so you can drop a whole tree or part of it on the belt. So I can use a loader if I want to feed the chipper. And so I can move it around with the semi. Maybe use these sounds on it some how
    and price it high like up in the mills and make it use some fuel too
    Thanks you so much if you can.

  • I have installed this mod and i see it in the mod list in the game. I got to the shop and i dont see it. I have bought another buffalo but it was just the same ingame one. Please help!!!!

  • nifune5pia

    this best, on the other hand Might put camera in hand over to enjoy later when the logs go, and to please him is alos adactan tractors esque does not look comfortable with these camera brings

  • I fill it with chips and when i go to dump the tank it won’t dump

  • toni

    this mod is amazing but need STABILIZER like original

  • You should add a trailer attacher to it


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