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Ponsse Pack V 1.0

ponsse-modpack--3 (1)

ponsse-modpack--3 (2)


The real reason why I have decided the two Ponsse, was, has not promised me, as an old excavator operator control from the second arm. This always came to me, when I pushed the joystick gamepad Forne. That made me mad, because the excavator it is the other way around. If one drags the lever toward you, then come here also the boom to a. So I have changed in the two.
There is also a Scorpion and a Buffalo with chains and each one without chains. So four machines in the pack are. In addition, you can select when buying a color. The tires and rims also change the color with as can be seen in the photos.



One thought on “Ponsse Pack V 1.0

  • hi guise sean hear please if you can help! i need my karting magazine neoow if i dont haz i will rail laura in the arse. anyways thought i would let everyone know that this mod is fully sickening i ravished my flourescent genitals all over my monitor in a hope that i can feel the texture of the ursalock blue paint job. anyways just to chat hit me back your biggest fan this is sean.


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