Here the original Pöttinger MEX5 rewritten on poplars.

What was geamcht:
Converted on poplars
New Skin (Lizard) since the original corn is
Shop category will be WOOD.
Working width 2.2 meters (1Reihe)
Helper Works.

The chopper can only poplar chopping UDN turns it into wood chips. If you want corn Häckslen you must use the originals in the game.
I got the part rebuilt since I buy for a small field poplars not NEN huge shredder or wanted to rent. Ideal for people who like from UDN to something make chips.
As always, real or not, is interested not. Who needs him to invite him to ignore all the others. Target and must you not care to play like other their game. I find this part useful and it is ne alternative to the expensive New Holland.

Modell: Giants Textur:Shippy74 Script: Shippy74 Idee / Konzept: Shippy74 Tester: Shippy74

DOWNLOAD FS17_lizardHex6.zip – 5.5 MB

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